Underground / Subsurface – Walls & Floors

tick2dig has vast experience in locating under surface assets, being a pioneer in the greater Wellington region using ground penetrating technology.

We have a wide variety of underground detection equipment ranging from valve box (toby) detectors, drain cameras to ground penetrating radar. tick2dig has located buried manhole covers, valve boxes, non metal and metal pipes including sewers, drains and water reticulation for councils and their contractors.

Our work often involves locating:

Soak pits, septic tanks, underground storage tanks.

Cable including buried 11KV cables to 12Volt irrigation control wires in vineyards.

Voids in concrete walls & floors including rebar and concrete thickness.

Our array of detection instruments ensures our customers have confidence in our locating mark outs and essentially gives them the tick2dig.

underground storage tanks (ust's)

UST’s can be very problematic to proposed land owners, as often no exact knowledge of their placement is known. Records are lost or information regarding them has gone to the grave with ‘the one who knew’.

tick2dig technicians are able to find UST’s in a variety of situations from petrol stations to a housing development on land whose previous use was a market garden.

In one instance our client had to prove an old diesel tank was not under his house in order to have it removed from his L.I.M report. The tank was found to be outside the housing development!

septic tanks

Picture of septic tank on the ground

Often when an additional building is planned, especially on rural properties, a scan of the proposed site will provide information of soak pits, septic tanks, pipes or cables etc.

Know what you are dealing with. Get the tick2dig first.

cable / pipe detection

Any type of pipe or cable can be located using the right locator for the situation.

Our technicians have been engaged to find field tiles in paddocks, ‘lost’ sewer laterals in urban streets to water pipes in a wide variety of areas. Also cables from major reticulation to telephone cables can be located.

concrete scanning

Concrete scanning is a safe and quick method of “x-raying” concrete.

Our concrete scanning equipment has a wide variety of uses. Small in size it can be and has been used by tick2dig to identify unfilled concrete blocks in walls and the existence of reinforcing in commercial buildings for earthquake risk assessment. Even finding the positioning of underfloor plastic hot water heating pipes.

tick2dig uses a top of the range concrete scanner to identify virtually any item of interest in concrete be it reinforcing steel, voids, pipes, cables or even thickness of the concrete itself.