cable fault finding

tick2dig have a enviable reputation for finding difficult faults in electrical cabling.

Experience counts.

With over 40 years of fault finding experience coupled with investment in modern equipment, tick2dig has been engaged by power companies and electrical contractors to find a wide variety of faults. Everything from straight-forward ground faults in direct buried cables to the more difficult locates such as oxidised aluminium cables and faulted cables in plastic ducting.

Best technology.

We all need the right tools for the job and successful cable fault detection requires specialist gear.

Included in our cable detection stable is a Time-Domain Reflectometer (TDR) which coupled with our other equipment provides us with the ability to find cable faults in ducts where standard earth fault detectors are of little use.

tick2dig Experience + Technology. Problem Sorted.

underground / subsurface detection

tick2dig pioneered ground penetrating technology in the greater Wellington region.

water leaks

tick2dig work smarter to help keep your water supply safe and sound.

Hard to find!

tick2dig have built an excellent reputation in water leak detection for local councils, plumbing contractors and home owners in the Wellington region.

Our technicians can locate water leaks in the walls of buildings, under concrete slabs, in highways and foot paths. Often after other leak detecting companies have been unsuccessful.

The elixir of life

Water conservation and the prevention of contamination to your water supply is a given. Not to mention avoiding expensive damage resulting from ignored leaks from water pipes, drains or sewers.

Water infiltration into sewers also results in increased sewage treatment costs for your Council and potential mud slides (well documented in the Wellington area) can devastate whole communities.

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3d scanning

Tick2Dig is capable of performing three dimentional representations of Ground Penetrating Radar scans as required.

In the past, 3-D scans have been performed for void detection under concrete, scanning for possible grave sites and earthquake strengthening work in multi-storey buildings.