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Who is tick2dig?

tick2dig is a comprehensive locating company which has the ability and equipment to locate a wide range of under surface (inside walls or underground) services or obstruction. As the name implies, we give our customers the ‘tick to dig’. With 40 years of fault finding experience our services provide confidence to drill, cut, saw, dig or avoid trouble spots.

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What have you got to lose?

Safety is paramount.

Public safety is important to us. Accidents can happen but if we are aware of the types of problems that can arise, we can decrease the risks. If you have to dig somewhere, make sure you get the tick to dig first.

 Don’t risk it.

Good reputations are hard earned.

It’s a small world, a very well connected small world. You’ve worked hard to build your reputation earning the respect and trust of your peers and customers alike. Don’t risk it. Get the tick2dig first.

Protect your investment.

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Don’t get burnt.

Chances are you can avoid hefty costs if you undergo a detailed scan of the area before you start excavation. We have seen severed fiber optic cables with repair bills many times the cost of the original job.

Don’t let this happen to you.

If in doubt, give us a shout

Lets discuss your particular situation so you can make an informed decision before you get stuck in. We have just about seen it all and are happy to help. Call 0800 48 48 54.

What our customers are saying…

I had a serious power supply issue, with the main supply to my new holiday home in an isolated rural area in the Rangitikei – no power for ten days. I was getting nowhere with the builders who built the house, and Peter Jackson and tick2dig, were recommended to me by another building contractor. They responded very quickly on the site, they located the problem, and then supervised the repairs, and reported to me. If I hadn’t got them involved I would probably still be going around in circles. Thanks Peter.

David Morris

tick2dig came around to locate where my pool was leaking. Pleased to say they found it quite quickly and saved us a fortune in unnecessary digging.

Joan, Greytown